Aromapharmacy Shave Cream

Aromapharmacy was established by three young men, brothers Duffy and Seamus Culligan and long time friend Matthew Mogol.  Three guys setting out to produce a low-budget cheesy film one of them was creating, based off the profits of selling a line of candles they were making!  The catch was they named the candle scents after commonly popped pharmaceuticals, hence the Aroma-pharmacy.

They started the company in Los Angeles, selling 2,000 of their candles to the Standard Hotel, a hotel frequented by celebrities.  After many celebrities started taking them from their minibars they realized they were on to something.

The company later spread its novel idea into the beauty industry creating: bath pills, shaving cream, A.M. and P.M. moisturizers and became an instant Hollywood favorite. No more low-budget films for these fellas.

The bottle is very Swedish/Japanese minimalist. It is while with minimal writings and logos. It could be confused with something taken from a hospital. The base is a large flip-top that saves you the trouble of having to worry about loose caps. The liquid comes out in drops so you do not worry about spills. I loved the cooling feeling I had when patting it on affter a shave! The best part? No razor burn afterwards.

None. The product more than met my expectations of a good shave cream. Now available at DapperBeard.

I enjoyed using the Pre-Op Shave Cream. It left the bottle well, spread across my beard smoothly, and had a cooling effect on my face. I would easily consider future use of the shave cream. Due to it’s simple nature, I would reccommend small tubes for travel.

PRE-OP SHAVING CREAM uses the natural moisturizing properties of Coconut and Jojoba oils to soften the hair and lubricate the skin. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils prep hair. In other words, our shaving cream comes rich, thick, and pre-foamed to provide a clean, close shave.

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